Wagners CFT manufacturing facility tour:

  • Pultrusion: gain an overview of our pultrusion process.
  • Crossarms: check out the crossarm automation cell and see how we manufacture the crossarms you drive past everyday all around Australia.
  • Custom Build: visit the Custom Build shed to see what projects we’re working on right now. From boardwalks to bridges to wharves, we make bespoke composite infrastructure for any environment.
  • PPE: Closed in shoes are essential, safety glasses and ear plugs will be provided.

Hosted by Denis Wagner, Director, Wagner Corporation, and Non-Executive Chairman, Wagners Holding Company

Started in 2002, Wagners CFT manufacture composite fiber material for use in the civil engineering construction industry. Committed to manufacturing quality products that deliver smart outcomes for their customers, benefits include a large range of products in colors to suit aesthetic needs, full in-house design capability, pre-fabrication and on-site installation

Using a unique pull-winding process, Wagners CFT products will not rust, rot or corrode. Their unique composites combination ensures superior strength to weight ratio, cost-effective and durable solutions for civil engineers, especially when facing environmentally sensitive and challenging terrain. They are credited with manufacturing and installing the world’s first composite road bridge in a public road network and the first clip-on pedestrian walkway/cycleway onto an existing bridge.

Please join us for this exclusive tour of Wagners CFT in Toowoomba, QLD, which will be held during the 2021 Composites Conference.


Image: Pultrusion machine, Wagners CFT.
Image: Applying endcaps on crossarms, Wagners CFT.
The composite pedestrian bridge at Ballin Drive in Toowoomba, built by Wagners.
Image: Wagners' Ballin Drive Pedestrian Bridge, Toowoomba, QLD.

Hosted by Dr Xuesen Zeng, Associate Professor, Deputy Director, USQ Centre for Future Materials

The Centre for Future Materials (CFM) is a world-leading research centre in advanced composite materials and applications providing advanced partnerships with industry towards innovation and growth. With a reputation for pioneering research and development in engineered fibre composites, CFM prioritises R&D in advanced composite manufacturing, civil composites, smart materials, and geopolymer & concrete.

CFM operates a dedicated industry test service for more than 1000 business clients across multiple sectors both nationally and internationally. The testing services, in compliance with national and international standards, ranges from materials characterisation, polymer analysis, mechanical testing and large scale structural testing. Key  capability testing includes: fire tests for composite materials, thermomechanical tests of polymer composites, and computer modelling capabilities of composites.

Radial Braiding Machine
Image: Radial Braiding Machine for advanced composite preform

Current industry led research demonstrations:

  • Composite pultrusion machine: the one and only research facility in Australia for novel low-cost composite production (in collaboration with Wagners).
  • Filament winding composites for lightweight commercial rockets, in collaboration with Gilmour Space Technologies.
  • Composite repair facility to demonstrate new approaches in aerospace structural repair, in collaboration with Defence Science and Technology.
  • Resin transfer moulding technology, in collaboration with Boeing Aerostructure Australia.
  • Composite railway sleeper production and testing, in collaboration with Austrak.
  • Shape memory composites in action, in collaboration with US Air Force.

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